Coffee is one of those drinks that everyone seems to enjoy drinking. However, everyone seems to have different ideas on how to make the best cup of coffee. With that being said here is what we feel is the best way to make a fantastic cup of coffee. Once you try the method that we have listed, we are sure that you are going to find this is the one method that you are going to want to use each time you decide to make a cup of coffee.

The first thing that you will need is a French Press. In all of our experiments we have found the best way to get the vibrant flavors and bold taste that we want is using a press. This way you are able to brew the coffee the way that you want to have it brewed, but also know that it is going to make a difference in the taste quality that you are going to get.

When you get the press, you will want to add in a scoop of your vibrant coffee into the bottom of the press. By getting this you will have the coffee in the bottom of the press and ready to have some water added into it. After the coffee has been added into the bottom of the press you will want to boil some water until your kettle is whistling. When it starts to whistle you will want to carefully put some of the water into the press. You need to be careful here because it will cause the grounds to start to float and pouring slowly or you could end up getting the water come splashing up and out towards your hands.

When the water has been added you will need to slowly take the press part of the coffee press and put it down into the water. You will only need it deep enough to cover up the press. Let it sit like this for a few minutes to allow the grounds to start to settle. By doing this you will not have as many coffee grounds in your cup. Then you will just want to finish pushing down the press until your cup of coffee is completely ready.

After that you are now ready to pour the coffee out of the press and into your cup. Just make sure your taste buds are ready to have some of the best tasting coffee they have ever had.

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