Looking for ways to relax and reduce stress? Try out some of these 11 tips:

  1. Stop and practice some calming breathing exercises
  2. Press your palm in the center with your thumb of your other hand to release tension
  3. Get some Chinese meditation orbs and roll them around in your hand to bring about calmness
  4. Drip some cold water on your wrists or behind your earlobes. Cold water has a refreshing effect on the body
  5. Take responsibility for your emotions – you are the only person responsible for how you feel
  6.  Collect 100 or so positive affirmations  and use them when you need to
  7. Surround yourself with positive images by doing things like taking a walk in a park or having fresh flowers in your office
  8. Do something that you are good at to make you feel better about yourself and things in general
  9. Be inspired by clouds
  10. Meditate
  11.  Take baby steps to get where you want to be

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