Looking for ways to stay full through out the day without over eating? Sometimes I have found that I think I am hungry and before I know it I have over eaten. Not only does that leave me feeling pretty horrible, but it can lead to me need some larger pants! And I certainly do not want that 🙂

Here are some of the things that I have learned along the way that help me to stay full without getting to full or to big for my pants!

1. Eat a filling breakfast. Skip the donuts or other pastry items. Get yourself a breakfast that will stick with you like a hearty bowl of oatmeal.

2. Focus on food when eating.Numerous studies have shown that people that are preoccupied with things like watching TV while eating end up eating more than when they are not preoccupied. Focus on your food and you will enjoy it more and stay full longer.

3. Go for fruit instead of juice. Have a choice between a bottle of apple juice and an apple? Go for the apple and you will stay full longer.

4. Eat fiber rich foods. It is no secret that fiber packing food like broccoli keeps you fuller longer.

5. Take a multivitamin daily. Sometimes we eat things because our body craves them due to us not having enough of something in our system. If you take a multivitamin you can reduce that from happening to you.

6. Eat 5 meals instead of 3. Instead of eating 3 large meals a day try to break it up into 5 or 6 low calorie meals. Not only will it keep you full all day long but it will make sure your metabolism does not slow down!

7. Drink water. Don’t drink your calories in soda. Instead drink water all day long. Sometimes we think we are hungry when we are really just dehydrated. At the first sign of hunger, drink a glass of water and see if that takes care of it.

8. Try some chewing gum. Sometimes if we think we are hungry chewing some gum can take care of that hunger. Studies have shown that something about mimicking the chewing of food like that makes the body think that it is getting food. As a bonus it keeps the metabolism reving too.

9. Eat a salad or broth-based soup before your meal. Studies have shown that people that eat a salad or cup of soup before eating not only don’t eat as much but they stay full longer.

10. Give your food time to digest. Did you just eat but still feel hungry? It takes your body about 20 minutes to digest that food, so give it some time and see if you are still hungry. Chances are you won’t be!


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