People’s driving, or inability that is, continues to amaze me. On my commute to work this morning, I got behind a driver that would stop a good car length behind the car infront of her. This is not a problem except that she felt the need to slam on her brakes to make the stop. She also continued to do this once we got on the interstate. I’m not sure why. Usually the brake-slammers are talking on a cell phone, but she did not appear to be doing as such. She has nothing to blame her bad driving on but herself.

I like to call people like her ‘new drivers’ because I like to think that they drive like assclowns because it’s new to them. Maybe they don’t have a lot of experience. And they’re nervous.

My real problem with ‘new drivers’ is the fact that they are out at rush hour. Rush hour traffic is bad enough without the addition of ‘new driver’ mucking it all up.

Speaking of bad drivers, why is it that I can get on the interstate to go to work and the slow lane is the only one that does not have a lot of traffic in it. I can go the speed limit almost the entire way to work simply by riding in the right lane. I don’t like to do this though. Why can’t people follow traffic laws and ’stay right except to pass?’ My favorite is when I am in the center or left lane and people are going below the speed limit and I have to actually pass on the right. I don’t like to be forced to do that. I always try to give people a chance to get over, but they never do.

Even better than that is when some assclown switches lanes to get infront of you as you are coming up on them for no reason at all. There is no one in front of them, they are not in an exit-only lane, there are not bumps or potholes in their lane. They just want to be an asswipe. That is the only possible answer. And it seems to happen on a daily basis. Or maybe it’s just where I live? Maybe it’s only the people here that are mentally challenged when it comes to driving.

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