Summer should be lively. Why spend the rest of the warm season indoors when you can enjoy with your friends outdoors? You don’t even have to go to a festival or a summer holiday to have fun.

Lawn Twister

You didn’t think you can play fun games on your lawn? Well, spray painting circles on the grass changes all that. No more qualms. Just paint circles and the lawn, and you have lawn twister board you and your friends can play on. Make that otherwise boring Saturday afternoon fun and crazy.


Stacking game isn’t just for the living room. You can make your own 2×4 giant Jenga set and play with it in the backyard. No time to make your Jenga board? No problem! Go to your home improvement store, and see if they could cut boards of the same length for you.

Outdoor Chess

You do remember that giant chess game in Harry Potter, don’t you? This may tend to sit on the expensive end of the list, but may be worth the money you spend. The chess pieces can add an interesting ornament in your backyard on ordinary days. Make sure you make pieces light enough for you to move them around conveniently. You don’t want to feel like you’re lifting weights while playing, do you?

Backyard Bowling

You can lay a board on the grass that will serve as your lane. Collect plastic bottles for your bowling pins. Use a tennis ball. A badly constructed lane spoils the fun. If you have a flat pavement somewhere, bring your game there.

Lawn Scrabble

Creating scrabble pieces can take some time and eat into your cash reserves, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Once you’ve set your giant board or improvised one and you’ve painted letters on your tiles, you should be ready for your big scrabble party. Invite friends! Have a barbecue or something.

Backyard Plinko

It’s easy to make an improvised Plinko board. You just need a board, some nails, and thin boxes. Voila! A carnival game in your backyard. Make sure the space between the nails are big enough to allow your ball to pass through. Assign cool prizes for the slots in the bottom.

Colossal Connect 4

This one is probably the most challenging to make. If you can find a colossal connect at your toy store, lucky you. If not, then you can pay for a handyman to make one for you. It’s not a bad idea.

Yard Dominoes

You can buy a 9ft x18ft board, from which you can cut 28 pieces of 3.5”x7” boards. Cut 1-cm circles on paper. Paste the circles on the boards. Presto! You have improvised dominoes.

Giant Beer Pong

This game on an open field, but if you have a wide backyard space, you should be fine. This makes use of a lot of buckets or trashcans. You can borrow from neighbors if they’re generous enough. Use a basketball or a volley ball.

Lawn Matching Game

This is a no-brainer. All you need are cork tiles. Paint figures on them that you use for your matching game. It’s essentially for kids, but adults may just enjoy this game, too.

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