bedtime snacks

What if you crawl to your bed realizing the dinner you had wasn’t too satisfying and you’re famished and you’re craving for something to snack on? Sleeping on rambling stomach after a not so satiating dinner is not a very good idea. A 150-calorie snack before bedtime may just do the trick of making the hunger pangs go. This isn’t binging on your bed, by the way. And, it needs to be something that won’t interfere with your sleep.

What to munch on?

Crackers with cottage cheese

This is a good carb and protein snack that may just put your brain into sleep mode. Cottage cheese is rich in protein, which your brain needs to make tryptophan, a sleep-promoting amino acid. Crackers, on the other hand, give you carbohydrates that make tryptophan more readily available to the brain. For better sleeping benefits, put a slice of kiwi on your crackers. Kiwi contains antioxidants that work on neurotransmitters that help you nod off.


You were not expecting this. If the new research on rice is true, then eating rice can actually help you doze off at night. Rice has a high glycemic index, which helps in the production of melatonin and tryptophan, two things you need for better sleep. Don’t over-indulge, though. Get a small bowl rice. Add some milk on it.

Ham and Cheese

A slice of ham and cheese gives you a snack that is rich in tryptophan and casein. It may give you a bit more calories than necessary, but not too much to make you gain a pound, unless you do it every night. Did you know casein improves your metabolism? You have one more reason to eat some cheese.


Walnuts are rich in melatonin, and eating walnuts is a sure way to raise the levels of melatonin in your body. As mentioned, melatonin is important in regulating your sleep patterns. People who are low in melatonin tend to suffer from insomnia. But because walnuts, or any type of nuts, are high in calories, a handful before bedtime ought to do the trick.

Whole Grain Toast

Whole grain bread is rich in complex carbs, which don’t raise your blood sugar levels. You don’t need high sugar levels right before bedtime. Whole grains also have significant magnesium content. Low levels of magnesium may cause insomnia. It so happens that 7 in 10 adults lack magnesium in their diet. To boost the dose of magnesium, spread almond butter on your toast.

Banana and Milk Smoothie

You need calcium and vitamin D to sleep properly. Get these nutrients from low-fat milk. Banana adds flavor without adding sugar. It also adds vitamin B6 and magnesium. Your brain needs vitamin B6 to make serotonin, another neurotransmitter responsible for lowering your alertness.

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