For many people, vacation is an excuse to forget about healthy diet. If you’re on a particularly long vacation, watch out what you eat. You don’t want to get home unable to fit into your clothes. You can still try the local cuisine in your destination, but don’t overindulge.

Know your destination.

Every place has its own local foods, but one thing is for sure. There are healthy foods as well as not so healthy ones. Looking up local foods online before you even get there allows you to identify foods that are good.

Pack healthy snacks.

Eat your meal before traveling, too, so you won’t have to get hungry in the middle of your trip. If you expect the trip to be several hours long, pack a full meal.

Avoid being tempted to buy high-fat or sugary snacks at the airport or train station by making your own turkey sandwich or salad, which you can eat on board. If you have little time for preparation, spread peanut butter on whole grain bread. You can also pack nuts, dried fruit, or low fat crackers to eat if you get hungry. The Kitchn has some good idea for snacks.

Be careful when dining out.

You can’t cook at the hotel unless you’re booked to a room with cooking amenities. Most travelers don’t choose such lavish accommodations and don’t really like the idea of cooking when they’re supposed to be spending the time immersing themselves in the community.

The tip to make sure you end up with nutritious foods, which don’t make you pack unwanted fat during your vacation, is to order baked or grilled meat or fish. Usually, foods that are prepared with simple methods have lower fat and sugar content than those prepared with a lot of ingredients.

Stay away from fried and creamy foods. Opt out on foods with sauces and toppings. Cheese, mayo, and butter can add so much unnecessary calories.

Drink distilled water instead of soda.

It’s tempting to grab a can of soda after you have basked in the tropical sun and are feeling thirsty. A can of soda has more or less 100 calories. The same amount of water has zero calories. It’s easy to ingest too much sugar in your body by drinking several bottles or cans of soda in a day. But if you’re in a foreign country or anyplace where you’re unsure of the water quality, opt for bottled distilled water instead. Carry a bottle of water wherever you go.

It’s okay to taste the local delicacies.

After all, you visited a new place to learn about its culture and cuisine. Why restrict yourself to a few options when you can have a few bites of what that place has to offer? Having a few bites is different from overindulging yourself. A shot of a local wine isn’t so bad, so is a serving of their popular dessert or dish.

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